Here is who is speaking this year at NSNC 2020

Dr. Justin Gallant, N.D.

 Dr. Gallant will be discussing all things iron. He will focus mainly on iron deficiency, but will spend some time discussing hemochromatosis.  He will discuss how to interpret ferritin, the iron panel, symptoms, mechanisms of actions, obstacles and proper treatments for iron deficiency as well as Hemochromatosis.  Talking on: “A Deep Dive into Iron”
Dr. Justin Gallant ND aka “Iron Man” is a naturopathic doctor practicing out of Hamilton, Ontario. He graduated from CCNM in 2012 and now runs a general practice. Dr. Gallant has become passionate about all things iron because he has hemochromatosis and hemochromatosis in his family is what got him into naturopathic medicine.


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