Here is who is speaking this year at NSNC 2020

Dr. Jill Crista, N.D.

Mold Illness 101: What Every Naturopathic Doctor Needs to Know

Build your mold literacy. Mold-related illness is on the rise, but is commonly missed because it’s hard to identify. And sometimes, even when they know it’s mold, patients run away from the problem because it seems insurmountable. Take charge of mold. Prepare yourself to meet your next mold patient with open arms and many tools. In this Mold 101 presentation, gain confidence in your mold assessments and treatment plans. Understand the mechanisms behind the symptoms, so you can individualize the plan for your patient, and respond dynamically to changes along their healing path. Restore hope and healing for your patients struggling with mold-related illness by building your own mold literacy.

Dr. Jill Crista is a naturopathic doctor, best-selling author, and nationally recognized health educator. Her hope is to improve health through education, by bridging gaps in understanding between medical research and practice. She writes books and offers online courses for anyone wanting to gain concrete steps to conquer health challenges.She focuses on conditions that cause injury and inflammation to the brain and nervous system, including concussion, mold, Lyme disease, and Autoimmune Encephalopathies (PANDAS/PANS/AE/NADAL).Dr. Jill graduated with Honors from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine (NUNM) in 2003, and in 2012 completed the Physician Training Program with the International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). She is passionate about herbal medicine, and completed the Advanced Botanicals course with Dr. Jillian Stansbury.She serves as Treasurer for the Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctors Association (WNDA) where she also served as President for 6 years, including an appointment to the House of Delegates for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP).For over a decade, she was director and practicing member of two integrative medical clinics in Southern Wisconsin. She had the opportunity to practice with colleagues from naturopathic medicine, integrative medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy. Here she experienced the synergy and efficacy of a team approach to patient care. She’s now focusing on research, teaching, and writing, incorporating what she learned.

Kenton Sefcik, R.Ac

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Women’s Health

Kenton will present how to diagnose and treat the following women’s health concerns with TCM-style acupuncture: irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, uterine bleeding, morbid leukorrhea, prolapse of uterus & infertility. Each topic will include a review of the western medical conditions related to the concern; aetiology, pathogenesis and differentiation of syndromes; and treatment principles and acupoint prescriptions.  Reasons for choosing the acupoints will also be explained as a way to review acupoint function to aid the practitioner for all future clinic cases. Questions and discussion are strongly encouraged.

Kenton Sefcik is a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.  He has been in practice since 2007.  Kenton has taught for acupuncture colleges, acupuncture associations, and Naturopathic Doctor conferences across Canada.  His true passion is helping mentor up-and-coming acupuncturists to have the confidence in the medicine they went to school for.  Kenton does this through Instagram, Youtube, podcast, CEU courses, and coaching.

Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND

Breakthrough to Mental Wellness: A physical, mental, emotional and spiritual guide to working with your patients

This presentation outlines key areas to address to support mental health; diet/supplementation, sleep, exercise, stress management, addressing thoughts & emotions, how one behaves and reacts in the world, the role of the environment (toxicity, epigenetics, neuroplasticity), and self-compassion and offers case studies and personal lived experience as evidence of success. As a result of this presentation, attendees will be learn practical tools they can immediately use in the clinical setting with their patients in their clinical practices. This presentation offers a solution on how to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of mental health by supporting the key areas mentioned. A discussion of diet/nutrition, supplements to support neurotransmitters and mental, emotional, spiritual techniques drawing from various counseling approaches (Gestalt psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Mindfulness therapy, Integrative reprogramming technique and Compassion focused therapy) will be taught.

Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND is an authority in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and eating disorders.  Having overcome many mental health challenges, Dr. Chris is a gifted speaker and writer who loves to share her philosophy of wellness in interviews with icons like Jenny McCarthy and many more. She is recognized as one of the top NDs to follow by two independent organizations. Dr. Chris has helped many patients achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She has completed four books on mental health as well as a 10-week course on mental health for patients and clinicians. Visit drchristinabjorndal.com

Dr. Rachel Green, Ph.D.

A Taste of Motivational Interviewing for Naturopathic Doctors

The presentation will be a brief experiential introduction to Motivational Interviewing (MI), during which the participants will have a chance to experience the approach and try out some of the tools. NDs, regularly meet with clients who are facing difficult changes, or facing those changes with considerable ambivalence. Most of these professionals are well-trained in the action and ‘crisis’ stages. But most clients facing change are in the “static” stage, that is, in ambivalence, a stage for which the professionals have few tools.  Although ambivalence is a normal reaction to change, it is difficult to mobilise people without having access to tools specifically adapted to this stage. To tell people what to do (fall into the expert trap) requires lots of energy from the professional and is often futile. 

MI is an effective tool, designed specifically to help professionals unblock ambivalence so that the person can move forward toward their change objective. Thanks to this research-based, and client-centred approach, the professional learns how to explore the client’s ambivalence and ultimately free the client from his/her resistance so that s/he can move forward toward a lasting behaviour change.

Rachel Green, Ph. D. is a psychologist, psychotherapist and workshop facilitator in Motivational Interviewing (MI) with an international reputation. She is the founder of formation dancing gecko training. She began her career in psychology as a neuropsychologist (BA, Concordia University; Ph. D., Université de Québec à Montréal) before being bewitched by MI in 2006. Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and the Association francophone de diffusion de l’Entretien Motivationnel (AFDEM) where she is currently the vice-president, she is also an occasional professor at the Université de Montréal in the Department of Psychoeducation, and member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec (OPQ). Dr. Green maintains a private psychotherapy practice in which she uses MI, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and hypnotherapy to help her clients make the changes that they wish to make. Her clientele includes adolescents, adults and couples. She has a regular mindful meditation practice and does several silent retreats each year to deepen her practice.

Dr. Justin Gallant, N.D.

A Deep Dive into Iron

Dr. Gallant will be discussing all things iron. He will focus mainly on iron deficiency, but will spend some time discussing hemochromatosis.  He will discuss how to interpret ferritin, the iron panel, symptoms, mechanisms of actions, obstacles and proper treatments for iron deficiency as well as Hemochromatosis. 

Dr. Justin Gallant ND aka “Iron Man” is a naturopathic doctor practicing out of Hamilton, Ontario. He graduated from CCNM in 2012 and now runs a general practice. Dr. Gallant has become passionate about all things iron because he has hemochromatosis and hemochromatosis in his family is what got him into naturopathic medicine.

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