• NFH - Diamond Sponsor

      NFH – Diamond Sponsor 

      NFH is a Canadian nutraceutical company devoted to the integration and application of nutraceutical science in clinical practice. We produce herbal, vitamin and mineral formulations of the highest quality for exclusive use by licensed healthcare practitioners. The focus in our formulations is optimal efficacy combined with patient safety. Our Scientific Advisory Panel and Medical Consultancy Group provide the essential guidance in formulating our products and positioning our product line.

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    • Cytomatrix - Diamond Sponsor

      Cytomatrix – Diamond Sponsor 

      Cyto-Matrix Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated professional natural health products company. Our products are distributed only through licensed health care professionals to ensure optimal safety and efficacy. We strive to improve the health and well being of Canadians by using the highest quality of raw materials and manufacturing products in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The licensed professionals dispensing our products ensure that the patients receive the most appropriate formulation at the correct dosage, based on their health history and diagnosis.

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    • Designs For Health

      Designs For Health 

      Designs for Health Science First: Our Commitment to You. Our guiding philosophy, "Science First," is demonstrated by an unwavering commitment to research-driven products, synergistic formulations, and meaningful quantities of therapeutic ingredients. These fundamental standards also serve to define our promise to health care practitioners and their patients. The Designs for Health "Science First" philosophy is the difference you'll notice. It means superior quality products and proven efficacy. It means

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    • Seroyal


      Seroyal is a natural pharmaceutical company, dedicated for over 26 years to assisting healthcare practitioners restore, rebuild and maintain patient health. For increased patient retention, compliance and efficacy, Seroyal offers the unda®, GENESTRA BRANDS and Pharmax product lines. To help attain better patient results, the Seroyal Continuing Education program is committed to providing world-class, clinically relevant information that can be immediately integrated with existing modalities for a complete, holistic approach.

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    • Douglas Laboratories of Canada/Pure Encapsulations

      Douglas Laboratories of Canada/Pure Encapsulations 

      Douglas Laboratories Canada® is pleased to distribute both Douglas Laboratories® and Pure Encapsulations® brands to Canadian healthcare professionals. Douglas Laboratories® For more than 50 years Douglas Laboratories® has been at the forefront of the nutritional health industry, proudly researching, developing and manufacturing superior-quality, science-based dietary supplements to assist people in achieving optimal health. Douglas Laboratories® offers science-based dietary supplements manufactured exclusively for healthcare professionals. W

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    • CanPrev Natural Health Products Ltd., Orange Naturals

      CanPrev Natural Health Products Ltd., Orange Naturals 

      CanPrev Natural Health Products Ltd., based in Toronto, Ontario, is an all-Canadian company that develops and markets premium natural health products. Celebrating 10 years in operation, Tanya Salituro, a three-time breast cancer survivor, founded CanPrev in 2005 as a response to her search for naturopathic health solutions and to the perceived need for highly comprehensive, premium quality, natural health products.  Our on-staff research & development team and Scientific Advisory Panel is composed of experienced, licensed natural healthcare practitioners, process and quality co

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    • Alpha Science Laboratories

      Alpha Science Laboratories 

      Alpha Science Laboratories (ASL) is a leading Canadian manufacturer of superior natural health supplements developed for professional use by Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Chiropractors. Founded in 1997, ASL is a division of Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals. Product Formulation ASL products are created by our scientific team, headed by our CEO, Dr. Gordon Chang, PhD, in consultation with naturopathic doctors, registered nutritionists, researchers and other scientific community. Dr. Chang’s formulations are manufactured at our 30,000 sq. ft. facility located

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    • Bio Lonreco

      Bio Lonreco 

      Biomed is a professional nutraceutical company proudly serving Naturopathic doctors across Canada. Biomed offers five distinct product lines: Biomed Supplements, Food Nutrient Series, Nestmann Pharma Drainage Remedies, Pleo Sanum Biological Medicine and Rubimed Natural Remedies for Emotional Issues. Biomed’s focus is to offer quality and excellence in both products and educational programs that are a reflection of a pre

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    • Herbasante


      Established in 1984, Herbasanté is a family-owned and operated Canadian company that specializes in providing a wide range of natural and non-toxic  homeopathic and herbal remedies. We are a member and co-founder of the Canadian Homeopathic and Pharmaceutical Association (CHPA) and have been dedicated to offering you and your loved ones with innovative products at affordable prices for over 30 years. Our company has a strong commitment to educating our clientele and sharing the benefits of homeopathy and holistic medicine. This dedication has earned us recognition as one of only six homeopathi

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    • Viatrexx


      Mission Viatrexx provides leading edge epigenetic based products to health care professionals with top level training and support.  Our mandate is to provide the best possible product for the task it was designed to address. To this end, Viatrexx works with a team of world leaders in their respective field for product concept, formulation and validation. Thro

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    • York Downs Chemists

      York Downs Chemists 

      A full service compounding pharmacy catering to the needs of Naturopathic Doctors

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    • AOR


      Advanced Orthomolecular Research’s mission is to provide discerning consumers with the highest quality, scientifically supported natural health products. AOR is committed to finding and learning the best that science and nature have to offer, and delivering the right amount of the right ingredients to the right place at the right time. AOR – True to nature and science

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    • Boiron


      Our mission: Become a major player in the world of medicine Boiron LaboratoriesFor over 80 years, the Boiron Group has reached out to health care practitioners, inviting them to discover homeopathy and incorporate it into their daily practice. As a result, Boiron homeopathic medicines are now available in over 100 countries worldwide. We take great pride in providing you with products that are “as pure and perfect as possible.” Each and every one of our medicines is made following the same tradition of excellence that has been the Boiron hallmark for the p

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    • Ortho Molecular Products

      Ortho Molecular Products 

      There are many choices in the dietary supplement market — an overwhelming number of companies selling a dizzying array of products, all promising results. As a health care practitioner making recommendations to your patients, you feel a responsibility to sort through those options and find the best products to support the health of those who have put their trust in you.   The Power of e is our commitment to efficacy that produces the highest possible levels of patient wellness. From raw-material selection, all the way to the finished products we manufacture

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    • St. Francis Herb Farm

      St. Francis Herb Farm 

      We’re proud that our company has such a solid reputation for authentic craftsmanship and integrity. Our secret: Abiding respect for traditional herbal knowledge that has been honed over thousands of years, and an unshakeable belief that the way herbal medicines are made matters. Quite simply, we craft our herbal medicines the traditional way with the highest quality herbs we can find,because it results in better, more effective medicine. At every step, we make decisions with thoughtful care and intention, and we work hard to make sure we get it right.

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    • Beyond Balance

      Beyond Balance 

      Beyond Balance™ is the US-based nutritional supplement company that produces the herbal formulas developed by Susan McCamish used by practitioners with their patients in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Susan McCamish is a Certified Traditional Naturopath, Nutritional Consultant, and Herbalist with a well-deserved reputation for creating effective, high-quality herbal formulas for people with chronic complex illnesses. Susan has been involved in research and development of natural products that support the body in dealing with complex health issues for over 25 years. Her pr

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    • Metagenics


      Our Mission For more than 25 years, we've strived to help people improve their health and reverse chronic illness via quality products and services and leading edge nutritional science. And by any indication, we've been successful in achieving our goals. But none of it would be possible without an unwavering dedication and commitment to the following core values, which form the cornerstone of everything we do. Together, these values guide our decision making and behavior as a company and as individuals, shaping the way we do business and treat our customers. We Value Our

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    • LIfeLabs


      LifeLabs is a Canadian-owned company that has been serving the healthcare needs of Canadians for more than 50 years. Today, LifeLabs performs more than 100 million laboratory tests every year, helping healthcare providers diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent disease in patients.   LifeLabs is strongly committed to continual innovation in testing services. For our patients and healthcare providers, this means we always strive to provide access to the latest specialized clinical tests—to detect cancer for example, to monitor heart disease, identify neurological disorders and pinpoint

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    • Natures Way

      Natures Way 

      A family crisis sets off an herbal renaissance. In 1968, Tom Murdock, the founder of what is now Nature’s Way, had a problem—he needed something to help his gravely ill wife. Finding no resolution in conventional medicine, Tom and his wife turned to a native desert herb growing near their Arizona home. This simple desert herb vastly improved her health and allowed her to live on another 25 years. 1969

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    • Helixor


      Helixor is an international company in the field of integrative oncology. Our focus is on manufacturing and distributing remedies from mistletoe and Christmas rose. Our Mission: improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

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    • BioMed


      Biomed was established in 1995 by founder Harlan Lahti, a licensed Pharmacist who has focused his career on finding better ways to serve community health for over four decades. Harlan has invested his personal time, expertise and resources in finding worldwide products and systems that have demonstrated clinical success. In cases where new, effective formulations are needed, Biom

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